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We will be heading back to the bargaining table August 27 to 29 to hopefully wrap up the final details after which you will have a notice here that ratification documentation is being mailed out along with meetings being set up across the Province so you can come out and talk with us about any of the changes, or for any questions you may have. Stay tuned.


We are travelling to Toronto again on August 7th to meet with the Employers (Paladin, Securitas, GardaWorld) on August 8th for a one day session and are hopeful that we will get a little closer to finalizing a deal, but as a heads up this round of negotiations has been very difficult due to the minimum wage increase of more than $2.00/hr that we have been fighting for over the last few years. We will keep you posted.


We are travelling to Toronto on July 2nd to meet with the Employers on July 3 for a one day session and are hopeful that we will get a little closer to reaching a proposal that will benefit everyone.  We will keep you posted.


Dear members,

Your bargaining committee has been in negotiations with your Employer and have now met on a number of occasions to discuss our proposals.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that with the recent minimum wage increase and the further anticipated, yet uncertain wage increase of Jan 1, 2019, your Employers is taking a hard line and claiming financial difficulty.

Needless to say, talks have not been going well. We assure you that your bargaining committee is staying steadfast in our commitment to get you, the members of Local 9597, the best deal possible in this climate.

Please continue to provide the great service you do to your clients and know that we’re working very hard, on your behalf.

We will be sending you regular bargaining updates in the next couple weeks.

In Solidarity
Your bargaining team.


Following the bargaining dates we had with the security groups (Garda World, Paladin, and Securitas) over the last month, we have three (3) dates with a Labour Board Conciliator scheduled for June 11, 12, and 18, 2018. We will provide further updates when we have anything more to report.


We are heading back to the bargaining table this week to meet with the Employer of GardaWorld, Paladin and Securitas on May 23 & 24, 2018. If we have any updates for you we will post them here, however no real hard bargaining has occurred as the Employers are waiting until after the elections on June 7, to see what happens in regards to minimum wage etc., and what political party wins the election.


– GardaWorld, Paladin and Securitas have agreed to bargain together and we received notice late last week so it has been a scramble to get things wrapped up before we are out of the office for two weeks.

We have set dates aside from Monday, April 23 until Friday May 4, 2018, for these bargaining sessions, but we won’t know if the Employers will be available to bargain on all of those dates or not. At this point it’s pretty vague, but we will keep you posted along the way. Aside from the newsletter, our website will be the only source for instant updates throughout the bargaining process.