Ontario minimum wage won’t raise to $15 on Jan. 1: PCs

Ontario’s minimum wage will stay at $14 an hour on Jan. 1 but a new tax break will help those earning that hourly stipend, Labour Minister Laurie Scott says.

Scott said she is still reviewing Bill 148, a Liberal law that would have boosted the minimum wage to $15 an hour minimum in the new year.

She did not say when she would bring in another increase in the minimum wage.

“The increase of 20% this year was a lot for businesses to absorb so we’re putting a pause on the minimum wage at $14 an hour,” Scott said Wednesday. “Businesses have the chance to catch up but we’re also helping the low income people in Ontario with tax breaks.”

During the campaign, Premier Doug Ford promised to give a refundable tax credit to minimum wage workers equal to the provincial income tax they would have to pay.

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