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District 3 launches Next Gen Network

The District 3 Next Gen Network was created to inspire and connect young members across Western Canada.

We will use this network to share stories and ideas, build an understanding of the important role young workers play in the labour movement, and to help grow our union.

The Network will also provide opportunities for mentoring and leadership development, along with union and community activism.

Click to learn more and to join:

More than 100 Next Gen’ers learn about the PRO Act

In February, just over 100 Steelworkers participated in a training hosted by our Rapid Response department on the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act — the most transformative piece of labor legislation since the National Labor Relations Act of 1935.

Attendees got an overview of the bill that, if passed, would eliminate so-called right to work laws, leveling the playing field for our union and increasing our ability to organize and fight for our members. They also learned about Rapid Response’s communication network and how to stay connected to get the latest updates about the bill.

Since the training, Next Gen members who joined the webinar sent emails and made calls to their legislators urging them to support the bill, and on March 9, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the PRO Act.

Take Action

We need continued action to remind the Senate that working people need them to pass this important legislation.

Dial 877-607-0785 to call your Senators’ offices. Ask them where they stand on the PRO Act and either thank them or ask them for their support. Make sure you call twice.

If you’d like to learn more about the PRO Act, click here to watch a recording of the training.


Next Gen committee in California makes masks for local veterans

USW Local 8599’s Next Gen activists are helping their Women of Steel (WOS) Committee make masks for patients at the local VA Hospital in Loma Linda.

The WOS committee recently received a donation from a local foundation that was earmarked for helping veterans. They set a goal of making 250 masks, as well as packing bags with sunscreen and hand sanitizer to go with them, so Next Gen offered to lend a hand to get the work done.

Local 8599 represents the Classified Employees, Classified Substitutes, Center Monitors and Child Care Provider bargaining units of the Fontana Unified School District in Fontana, Cali.

If your local is doing good things in your community, let us know! Reply to this email and tell us your name, local and the service project you completed.

Young Steelworker elected as NDP President

USW delegates were part of the team that endorsed and supported Steelworker Dhananjai (DJ) Kohli for President of the New Democratic Party at the recent party convention, held virtually.

DJ won the position with approximately two thirds of the vote and is the first racialized person to hold the role of Party President (a role similar to the DNC Chair, but on a smaller scale.)

If you hold an elected office, please let us know! Simply reply to this email and provide a name, office and state/province.


April 21, 2021: Intro to OSHA

This Introduction to OSHA training will explain what the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is and will provide an overview of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. Other items we’ll discuss include OSHA standards, the inspection process, implementing a safety and health program, worker training requirements, employer responsibilities and worker rights.

There are two sessions for you to choose from, make sure you click on the link that works for your schedule to pre-register.

Click here to register for the April 21, 1 p.m. session
Click here to register for the April 21, 7 p.m. session

Please note: this training is for U.S. members only.

May 19 or 26: Local Union Officer Duties

Are you a newly-elected Local Union officer or a seasoned veteran? Either way, come to this course! We are going to cover the duties of Local Union officers according to the USW Constitution and bylaws, as well as talk about how we can build new leaders at the same time.

Registration details coming soon!


U.S. members: tell us how your work supplies America

In 2020, we surveyed members and retirees in an effort to understand the issues that were most important to you. These concerns remain a priority in our union’s legislative and policy work.

We are expecting a significant debate over infrastructure this year. If done right, there is potential for securing and growing hundreds of thousands of USW jobs.

Please take a few minutes to visit and tell us how your work supplies our country’s infrastructure needs.

Click here to read a statement from National Director for Canada Ken Neumann on the need to improve Canadian infrastructure and the benefits of a mutual procurement strategy between Canada and the United States.



From the Economic Policy Institute

The Amazon Election in Bessemer showcased our broken union election system and why we must pass the PRO Act

The results of the election at the Amazon fulfillment center in Bessemer, Alabama, reveal a broken union election system. It is clear that if policymakers do not reform our nation’s labor law system, then they are effectively denying workers a meaningful right to a union and collective bargaining.

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