Lockout Continues For Security Guards At Goderich Mine

A staff representative for the union representing 13 security guards who have been locked out at the Compass Sifto Salt Mine in Goderich says they’re very disappointed the employer chose to lock them out.

Jesse Walker of U.S. Steel explains the employer is ASAP Secured, the company that has the contract with Compass Minerals for security at the Goderich mine.

Walker explains last October the employer had not changed an offer and the employees applied for first contract arbitration under the existing legislation. They met on December 4 but nothing had changed and the union announced it was withdrawing its application for first contract arbitration until after the new year because it would be easier to get once Bill 148 came into effect.

Walker says he received an email at 6:15am Sunday morning from a representative of the employer, saying the employees were being locked out, effective immediately.

So far representatives of ASAP have declined a request for an interview.