Labour Split Threatens Unionism

(TORONTO, ON) – The national director of the United Steelworkers of Canada, Ken Neumann, is calling out the leadership of Unifor for attempting to “raid” the memberships of other unions. Neumann said that the former autoworkers union departed the Canadian Labour Congress for the sole intent of pillaging members from other representative organizations.

“Unifor’s leadership made the decision to unilaterally leave the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) last Wednesday, Jan. 17. This is, of course, a very disappointing decision,” Neumann wrote in an open letter to all USW locals, activists, and members. “But Unifor’s excuse for quitting Canada’s national labour organization must be understood for what it is – a deeply cynical attempt to justify its intent to raid at least one CLC affiliate, and possibly more.”

Neumann cites Unifor’s attempt to draw members from Unite Here local 75, immediately after vacating its seat with the CLC. Unite Here represents hotel and hospitality workers in Toronto.

“This blatant interference in the affairs of a CLC-affiliated union follows upon Unifor’s attempt last year to raid the members of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 in Toronto who work for the Toronto Transit Commission,” Neumann said.

The result of leaving the CLC, Neumann said Unifor no longer has the right to participate in the CLC, provincial federations of labour, or labour councils.

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