In It to Win It – Ontario Election 2018

In It to Win It – Ontario Election 2018

There’s a lot at stake in the 2018 Ontario election. The scandal-plagued Liberals are hugely unpopular. In power for more than 14 years, it’s time for a change. But Kathleen Wynne is banking on progressive Ontarians voting for her again, and she’s stealing NDP promises to do it.

Until recently, many people thought the only other choice was the Conservatives. The party was leading in the polls despite its leader being relatively unknown. That’s all changed with Patrick Brown’s resignation over sexual harassment allegations.

Brown’s abrupt departure with only months to go until the election brings uncertainty and upheaval to the political landscape.

But let’s remember that the coming election isn’t about choosing between Liberals and Conservatives. There is another option, and it’s a great choice for a better Ontario: Andrea Horwath and the NDP.

Andrea Horwath and the NDP team are in it to win it! And with the help of the Steelworkers – talking to our members and volunteering in NDP campaigns – we can help make this happen.

In the U.S. and in Alberta and B.C., elections are effectively two-way races. Voters have an either-or choice. But in Ontario, that’s not the case. So don’t fall for that trap.

Andrea is a trusted leader who offers hope for the future. She is by far the most popular leader in Ontario. She’s an experienced campaigner. And the Andrea Horwath NDP team is on our side as working people.

Putting People First

The NDP platform is focused on putting people first.

A higher minimum wage lifts families above the poverty line. Andrea Horwath and the NDP deserve credit for advocating for a $15 minimum wage long before the Liberals. The NDP will also introduce a schedule of future increases so the minimum wage won’t fall behind.

The NDP will tackle health care and reduce wait times. Quality, universal, public health care will be there when you and your family need it.

The NDP will create good jobs and improve working conditions. With more people working in good jobs, our lives and our economy will benefit.

The NDP will make childcare more affordable. So our kids can have a good start and more families can afford to return to the workforce.

The NDP will introduce universal pharmacare. For everyone. Not just for some of us.

The NDP will match municipal investment in public transit. You won’t get a headache just trying to get to work – plus there’s environmental, health and economic benefits.

The NDP will end the privatization of Ontario Hydro so we can have the utility back in public hands. No more price hikes by profit-hungry corporations. The NDP also has a plan to reduce hydro rates to make public power affordable again.

The NDP will support unions and workers and will bring back card-check certification that was scrapped by the Conservatives.

Andrea Horwath: A Premier We Can Trust

But most importantly, Andrea Horwath will be a premier we can trust. No more scandals, no more corruption charges. Andrea is the real deal – the Steeltown Scrapper and a straight shooter.

Andrea brings hope to our province.

So when you are out talking politics with your friends, neighbours and co-workers, say a good word about Andrea and the NDP.

Ramping Up Political Action

In District 6, we have a shiny, new Political Action Committee co-chaired by Briana Broderick (USW Local 2010) and Chad Machum (USW 2020). The committee will be asking USW members to get involved in the election. We will be reaching out to Steelworkers across Ontario to talk about the issues and encouraging our members to get involved and support the NDP.

This work is important to our union – because we have progressive roots and have always been strong NDP supporters. But we also know the power of our members when we vote. We can bring positive change to Ontario when Steelworkers work together.

Anything can happen in an election. And with Steelworkers on the ground talking to our members and volunteering in campaigns across the province, we can make a difference.

This June, the election is about change. But let’s choose better change. Let’s vote for Andrea Horwath and the NDP!

In solidarity,

Marty Warren
USW Ontario Director