CATSA Plus: The Future of Security Screening

If you have been through security screening recently at Calgary International Airport’s new terminal, you may have noticed a significant difference in the appearance of some security lines.

It’s called CATSA Plus. The new concept combines the latest equipment, technology and processes that have been successfully tested by CATSA at various airports over the last few years.

CATSA conducted a trial of this innovative screening concept at the Montréal-Trudeau International Airport in August 2016. The results from the trial helped CATSA to make refinements before the deployment of the CATSA Plus checkpoint at Calgary’s new International Terminal in October.

CATSA Plus involves replacing our standard screening lines with higher-performance lines, while also addressing CATSA’s vision for seamless security. The “plus” represents enhanced security effectiveness and a more pleasant experience through the checkpoint for air travellers, as the new lines allow for improved customer service and passenger flow.

Features and benefits of CATSA Plus

CATSA Plus is adaptable to different airport environments and has optional features that may be included depending on checkpoint size, space and passenger volumes. A brief explanation of each of the features and benefits is available below, along with a video of the CATSA Plus concept.

Parallel divest stations

These stations allow up to four passengers to place their belongings in the bins at the same time. Passengers who quickly place their items in the bins can bypass others who may need more time or assistance at this stage of screening.