BIG WIN in McIntyre Powder Study (sent on behalf of Sylvia Boyce)

May 7, 2020.  Janice along with USW, as well as Dr. Paul Demers, Greg Mercer, WSIB, OHCOW, Occupational Cancer Research Centre (OCRC) have all contributed tremendously to bring justice to these workers and their families. The information below was provided by the OFL and WSIB. Please also see (at the bottom of this email) a link from the WSIB for current COVID-19 statistics.

McIntyre Powder Report by Janice Martell – USW News Release

Please see our USW news release on the Janice Martell’s McIntyre Powder report. Our Union has much to be proud of as we played a significant role in Janice’s McIntyre Powder project and quest for justice. Janice is a dedicated, determined advocate fighting for justice of Miners, she never gave up.

Media Appearances by Janice Martell

Dr. Demers’ McIntyre Powder Study (OCRC)

The WSIB arranged for Dr. Paul Demers of Cancer Care Ontario (Occupational Cancer Research Centre) to conduct an independent study with regard to the development of neurological conditions resulting from exposure to McIntyre Powder in the mining sector. Dr. Demers’ review is now complete and the results indicate an association between Parkinson’s disease and McIntyre Powder.  Dr. Demers’ report was posted to the WSIB website yesterday, May 7, 2020.

Here is a link to a plain language summary of the study:

The full report and WSIB update are available on the WSIB website. The links are provided below.


The WSIB has posted the top 5 sectors with Covid-19 claims. This information will be updated every Monday.

Covid Update and Stats for top 5 Sectors


Sylvia Boyce

United Steelworkers

District 6 Health and Safety Coordinator