$4/hr campaign

As you know, we have been excluded from receiving the $4.00/hour given to front line workers and so we want to try to change this and have taken the time to provide you with a letter that you can send out to your MPP.  The work is half way done, now we need your support to make this campaign a reality.  If even half of the 5000 members in this local do this, and you have already hopefully seen the video supporting this change for us, we may just make this happen for all security guards so we are urgently asking you all to Please take the time to send this letter out, or one of your own stating why we should be included in this front line payment top up.

Samuel Koleosho who is a member of the local and wanted to help, along with us have collaborated on the following letter which you can copy and paste into your email, as is, or to respectfully edit and add in your own comments to send this letter to your MPP by email, or snail mail if you prefer.

$4 Pay Top Up Letter to Copy and/or Download to send to your MPP

If you are not sure who your MPP is, please go to this link where all MPP’s and their contact information is listed based on where you live, or by using your postal code to find out what “riding” you are in.


 We also encourage you to send your letter to Premier Ford and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau because the more people in Government that we send this to, and the more members who send it, then we may be able to make a difference in the decision excluding us from the $4.00 per hour increase.   

If you get a reply, please keep us posted.


In Solidarity, 

Sherry Charette, President 
On behalf of all Members of Local 9597