Wednesday, August 24, 2016

United Steelworkers Local 9597

Welcome to United Steelworkers Local 9597

Local 9597 is the second largest Union local in Canada, which exclusively represents Security Officers and Airport Screeners. Our local represents Officers in Ontario, everywhere South of Algonquin Park, with the exception of Toronto, (which has its own local), to Ottawa and the border of Quebec all the way down to Windsor. We currently have approximately ten separate “legally” binding agreements with security companies or departments within Ontario. All of those Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA’s) were negotiated by working Security Officers like you and I., along with assistance from full time Steelworker staff members. Some of those Steelworker staff came from the security sector where they worked as Security Officers, and are members of your local.

Our local’s membership currently totals approximately 3,000 security officers. Our local maintains offices in Ottawa and Windsor. There are 2 full time union officers (paid by the Union) and many volunteers staffing these offices to help resolve your problems and answer your questions. Money from your dues goes towards paying these members salaries as well as being able to arbitrate grievances.

Our full time office workers, who are on paid leave from their job sites, are security officers who are on a leave of absence from their respective employer in order to work in the offices to take care of day to day issues. This local, like most, relies on “volunteered” time from active members. Even the two officers who are paid by the Local usually volunteer in excess of ten to fifteen hours per week, over and above their paid time.

The local has an elected executive which meets approximately two to three times a year and in addition General membership meetings are held quarterly.

Other union officers such as “shop stewards,” committee chairs for “health & safety,” harassment & discrimination, women, education, organizing, grievances etc are usually appointed by the executive from those members who show an interest and are able to volunteer time to the respective committees. Interested members who want to help and show a desire to assist members who need help, are offered special education courses at the Locals’ expense, so they are better qualified to assist their brothers and sisters. As a new member you might wish to explore this further and should seek out a steward and get additional information.

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